How do People Live Without Cell Phones

22 Nov

How do People Live Without Cell Phones?

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), nearly 85 percent of adult Americans own cell phones. Considering that cell phones really only became available for widespread public use about 20 years ago, that figure is quite astonishing. The FCC states that cell phone usage caught on faster than both cable television usage and personal computers (although some believe that the usage of broadband internet service may have caught on just a bit faster). There are so many cell phones in existence that a whole new industry has been created to accommodate those that are disposed of. Companies including big carriers like Verizon and smaller private firms like refurbish and sell used cell phones.   Still, there is a significant percentage of American adults who function without cell phones. While the very idea may seem foreign to many people, it is quite possible to live without a cell phone. It can, though, be somewhat inconvenient:

* People who do not own cell phones must typically rely on pay phones when they are away from home or work; however, because of the overabundance of cell phones these days, many public pay phones have been removed. It can be difficult to find a pay phone at times-and, not only that, but the cost of using a pay phone has greatly increased.

* In the case of some emergencies, people who do not own cell phones may find it difficult to get assistance. For example, if a person’s car breaks down far from home in a rural area, getting help without a cell phone could prove to be rather challenging. (This is why some people at least carry 911 cell phones, which are typically used cell phones-such as used Sprint cell phones or used AT&T cell phones–that have been refurbished so as to be able to only dial out for emergency reasons.)

* People who do not own cell phones may, at times, experience difficulty in communication with friends and family members. Because it is likely that friends and family members do own cell phones, being the ‘odd duck’ who does not own one may cause a person to be left out at times.

Most of the people who do not own cell phones fit into certain demographics. They may be elderly people who are unwilling to learn about new types of technology or who are simply unable to manipulate the increasingly small size of cell phones. Or, they may be less educated people who are unable to master the technology of cell phone usage. Lastly, they may be people who are unable to afford cell phones and/or cell phone contracts.

For those who are unable to afford cell phones, used cell phones may be an answer. Purchasing used Sprint cell phones, used AT&T cell phones, used Verizon cell phones, or even used Blackberry cell phones can be quite inexpensive. sells refurbished phones individually or in bulk with some working phones priced under $15.00. Or, cheap Verizon cell phones can be found as well.

There is also a small percentage of people who simply do not want cell phones. These people tend to resent how cell phones seem to control some people’s lives and how cell phones seem to be all-important to many people. These non-owners enjoy the fact that they cannot be contacted at any time and at any place-in fact, they relish the idea of being out of contact at times. For these people, becoming dependent upon a cell phone would be very scary, indeed.

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