Proxy Servers explained

22 Nov

On the web network, there are a lot of websites which offer features like file-sharing, instant messaging or leaving comments for the user’s profile. A lot of schools and universities have blocked such websites to be accessed from their locations to restrict people from logging in to these websites. But the use of proxy servers has a technological advance over these restrictions. The Proxy servers let you access websites from restricted locations and are a source to bypass secure sites from blocked locations, as they have the ability to bypass the network firewalls and filters. These proxy servers enable the users to surf the internet from blocked servers and are compatible to surf through sites which have audio and video streaming platforms like Youtube.

A proxy server is a computer program or application which processes a client request and forwards it to other servers. When you connect to a proxy server, and try to access some information available on another server, it forwards the request on your behalf and acts as the host server. In short, it becomes your face and represents you for access to the website or information. There are lots of types of proxy servers available based on your need, such as;

• Web proxy • Caching proxy server/ Http proxy • Anonymous proxies • Intercepting proxies • Hostile proxy servers • Reverse proxy servers • Forced proxy servers.

Usage of these proxy servers requires a simple process to be followed. You have to sign up to be able to use these proxies. Most of these proxy websites offer services without a cost. But, some of them may ask for a small fee to for the proxy services. After signup, the user can type the desired URL (for example: on the main page and all connections and traffic to and from the destination URL is redirected via the proxy, making it look as if the traffic is evolving from the main proxy , thus bypassing the domain based URL filtering blocking system. These proxies allow users to browse through the restricted websites and view profiles, post comments, blogs and surf the sites for music.

These proxies are reliable and secure. You have to agree to accept the strict set of terms and conditions like not to access websites that contain illegal content such as ware sites, use for spamming purposes, or distributing Spy ware or any other malicious script and you can surf the internet at school, universities, work and other places without any restriction, using the simple scripts which allow you to access the blocked websites

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